COVID-19 Pet Handover Protocol


CatThese are additional to the terms and conditions already in place.  Please take the time to read them.

As my business gets back up and running due to the gradual easing of the restrictions, extra hygiene and social distancing protocol must be adopted to.  This is so I can keep you, your pet and myself safe.

There remains no evidence that cats are implicated in the transmission of coronavirus to people, but there is some risk of the virus being carried on the cats coat and their belongings.  The risk of human to human transmission still remains, however if we can follow the social distancing and thorough handover process, it will prevent the spread of the disease.


On booking, please do not be offended when I ask to ascertain the health status of your household, this will help with the care of your cat(s), all general information will be gathered at this point.  With regards to vaccination certificates, these will need to be scanned or a photograph taken and sent to me before arrival.  Admittance into the cattery will not be permitted at this time.  All arrivals and departures will be on an appointments basis only.  Please be aware that if you miss your allocated time, you will have to wait for the next free slot.


When you arrive, we will be in PPE as directed by the government and Lancashire County Council, this comes in the form of disposable apron, disposable gloves, face mask and face shield.  Please remain in your vehicle, we will collect your cat(s) from you.  Your cat(s) will then be taken to the staff office so the carrier can be wiped down with the approved defra wipes, this is because the virus can stay on the surface of the carrier for up to 72 hours.  We will then take you cat(s) into the cattery to its allocated chalet where it will remain for the duration of its holiday.

On departure, at your agreed time slot, again please remain in your vehicle, your cat(s) will be brought to you in their carrier(s) which will have been wiped over as on arrival.


General Notes on COVID-19, at Moss Farm Cattery

Some vets are not doing routine vaccinations, to clarify, the cattery insurance does not cover vet fees if vaccinations are not up to date, but given the current circumstances, we are still able to accept your cat(s).

We are unable to accept any belongings other than food/medication/treats, we are still providing bedding, toys, etc.

If you are paying the remainder of your booking on arrival by cash, please bring the correct amount as no change will be given.

There will be no visiting of the cat permitted.

I am unable to provide the grooming service at this moment in time.

If you have any additional questions or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.